About Me

I bring a unique flavor to my art and animation through my journey to becoming an animator. After high school I went to college and received my Bachelor of Science in Journalism. This focus on writing has pushed me further as a storyteller and given me skills that an animator typically wouldn't pick up. Afterward I was at a crossroads. Either I pursue a career as a lawyer or follow my dream. The answer came simply. Follow my dream of working in animation.

I am strongly inspired by the works of the Japanese animation industry. Their strong investment in stories detailing the minutia of life resonates strongly with me and pushes me to represent that in my own work as well. Evoking strong emotion through animation is where I'm heading. Masaaki Yuasa, Makoto Shinkai and Hayao Miyazaki have all been major influences on myself as an animator and I hope to continue pushing beyond my limits as an artist and storyteller in the future.